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Thank you to everyone who has given us such nice comments about the program, and especially thanks to all who have registered to keep us going! 

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The download is a fairly large file -- 14mb, and will take a considerable amount of time if you are on a dial-up connection. Do your download when you have time to let it run! Thanks for looking at Yard Office.

(Yard Office is Windows-based software and requires Windows 98 or newer. Yes, it runs in Vista and Windows 7, too.  Mac users tell us that it works fine in the Windows partition or with any of the Windows emulators available.)
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(Ver. 3.08 Aug, 2009)

(NOTE TO CURRENT USERS: Downloading this complete program does a fresh install of the program files, but will not affect your existing data.  Still, we always recommend backing-up data before any update.)

  • If you already use Yard Office: Your current data will not be affected, only the program is replaced. 
  • To Install:
    • Click Run
    • If "Publisher Not Verified" message appears (don't worry, it's OK), Click Run again.
    • Follow the instructions.  (Current Users: Be sure to install in the same folder as your existing Yard Office installation (by default: C:\YardOffice") .
  • NOTE TO CURRENT USERS: If you have an older version of Yard Office which was installed in C:\Program Files\yardoffice, note that the default folder is now C:\yardoffice. We have seen problems with Vista users running it in Program Files. If you are not using Vista, you may change the installation folder to C:\Program Files\yardoffice during the upgrade process if you like.)