Yard Office


Keep Track of your Model Trains

Yard Office Quick Tour

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Main Inventory Screen:
Yard Office main screen

Main Screen
  • Details for each item in inventory may be viewed full screen.
  • Quick add, delete, search, print control throughout the program with simple buttons.
  • Pre-loaded lookup tables for commonly used entries.
  • Road herald images.
  • Rolling stock and locomotive images.

Browse Listing Window:
browse model railroad inventory

Browse Items
  • Scroll through the entire inventory in a table format.
  • Filter the table to view only those items of interest.
  • Easy formatting.  Move, sort, or resize columns.
  • Quick jump between browse and full detail views.


Look-Up Table:
look up model railroad categories

Lookup Saved Details
  • Reporting Marks
  • Categories
  • Car & Locomotive Types
  • Model manufacturers
  • Model dealers
  • Status of item

Filter View:
filter model railroad inventory

Select Filter Criteria
  • Limit which items or groups may be viewed and included in reports.
  • Select filter criteria from lookup tables (see above).
  • Quick on-and-off filter control.

Filtering is available to registered users only.


Your model railroad inventory reports

  • Rosters & Photo Rosters
  • Car Cards (including Operations)
  • Labels & Photo Labels
  • Locomotive card list with DCC addresses

Some reports available to registered users only


Statistice for model railroad inventory

One-Click Analysis:

Counts, Average Costs and Totals Grouped By:

  • Reporting Marks
  • Categories
  • Car & Locomotive Types
  • Model manufacturers
  • Model dealers
  • Status of item

Model Images:

model locomotive or car image


Rolling Stock & Loco Images:
  • Add pictures of your cars to inventory items
  • Expand pictures and re-size as you choose
  • Registered users can add multiple images for each item

Model Details Page:

model railroad details

Track As Many Or As Few Details As You Wish:
  • Enter data for prototype and models including couplers, eras, dimensions, paint, etc.
  • Customize fields to reflect the data you want to use
  • Disable those fields that you don't need so that they're never in the way.

Maintenance & Inspection Logs:

Maintenance and repair log for model railroad inventory


Keep Track of Repairs and Added Value:
  • Chronologically add data as you perform maintenance, detailing, inspections, etc.
  • Print or view on screen